Cabinet work of art specialized
Restoration of Pieces of furniture and old Objets
C' is in Burgundy, France
On the commune of Révérien Saint
(on the road of the Way of Saint-Jacques-of-Compostelle) in Nievre,
that Manual Domingues, more known under the name of Manu Déco
work, with Boris Pierdet and collaborators with the aim of preserve your movable inheritance,
while perpetuating knowledge-to make them traditional in the fields of the cabinet work of Article.

The Workshop of Art is specialized in Restorations and Conservations of Pieces of furniture and old Objets d'art…
It is with the largest compliance with the code of practice which we will deal with the pieces of furniture that you will entrust to us,
that they are out of sawn timber or marquetry, of all styles and any time.

You can also contact us for all problems of missing hardware, broken marble,
top of leather office…

Manuel Domingues is titular Préfectoral authorizations of Nievre, for detention
and the use of Scale of Green Tortoises and Tortoises Reels, like for the Ivory of Elephant.

Obviously Manu Déco and Boris Pierdet will answer your projects as regards furniture to measure,
in a traditional or contemporary spirit, like in Decoration interiors and other Challenges on
measurements (or disproportionate! )…

Our Workshop: Manu Déco limited liability company
Locality: Sancenay
9 Route de Feuille
58420 Saint Révérien. France.
Such: 03 86 29 07 55.
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Information Royalties and of the intellectual property:
The texts, photographs, logos and any other information diffused on our site cannot be used, copied, diffused, presented, etc, in some form that it is, in a partial or integral way, without authorization express of Mr Domingues Manuel Alias Manu Déco or of Mr Boris Pierdet.
This authorization can be required by sending email to us.
Very contravener with these provisions will be the subject of legal proceedings.
The bonds in direction of our site are free. The Workshop Manu Déco declines any responsibility relating to for the '' dependent '' on Manu Déco or for the fact even of these bonds.

Workshop of Cabinet work of Specialized Art
In reversible RESTAURATION-CONSERVATION of Pieces of furniture and old Objets d'art (with the unit or by collection supplements) of all styles and all times… for private individuals, collectors and professionals based in France like abroad.

Obviously Manu Déco and Boris Pierdet will answer by perpetuating traditional and innovating know-how in the fields of the cabinet work of art on your projects of Challenges to measures (or disproportionate), in a traditional or contemporary spirit.

Extremely of a reputation of excellence
To gain days after days by our work of impassioned cabinetmaker combined with the greatest satisfaction of our customers, our displacements extend today everywhere in France (of which Ile de France and Paris region) like abroad.
Manuel Domingues '' Alias '' Manu Déco.
Manu Déco graduate and labellized:

Master craftsman in Trades of Art,
Master Cabinetmaker,
Master Sculptor,
Master Decorator.
Master of 30 years of experience training confirmed, and equipped.
Member Jury of additional training, Restorers of pieces of furniture.
Prefectoral holder of the authorizations of Nievre, for the detention and the use of Scale of Green Tortoises and Tortoises Reels, like for the Ivory of elephant.

Perpetuate knowledge-to make traditional and exceptional whose quality, the professional control and excellence are recognized by its pars…

After a course out of the commun run for the going beyond of oneself…

… A Formative and Initiatory Voyage full with personal enrichments in techniques, in discovered with an open-minded and a versatility of exception over one 18 years period in prestigious Ateliers of France, where exchanges and meetings mixed, as Ébéniste, Menuisier of tradition and Fitting, Restaurateur, Décorateur, Travailleur of the leather and good of another materials…

Manuel Domingues alias '' Manu Déco '' in Crée since the 09/09/1999 pennies sign MANU DECO its workshop of art: Cabinet work, Sculpture and Decoration, specialized in Restoration/Conservation of Pieces of furniture and old Objets d'art…

Boris Pierdet
Boris graduate Pierdet:

Craftsman in Trades of art,
Wood turner,
Inlayer, 2 times gold medal,
Holder of the Patent of the Trades of Article.

Extremely of a formation and some eight years experiment in his Trades of art, Boris Pierdet becomes since the 10/10/2010 Joint manager with equal share with Manuel Domingues of the Workshop of Art Manu Déco.

… Its Mom imagined it Médecin… He, since the old one 11 years had already decided to become Ébéniste! But while choosing for as much the facility, undertakes similar studies of lengths… but to look after the pieces of furniture and other old objets d'art! …
Attentive, tough, persevering, taking down calmly, CAPE after CAPE, then gold medal after gold medal of the best apprentice of Nievre as well as Burgundy…
Boris strikes one day at the small door of the Workshop Manu Déco with his works under the arm. It wishes to perfect its training of a BMA in Cabinet work of art over two years with a Master of confirmed training…

Two years later; It is, alone of its promotion! and Patent of the Trades of Art out of pocket, which he opens up himself the doors of prestigious École Swell…
'' but I will prefer to remain on your premise! ''…
And it is as that which it concretizes its dream… He became Ébéniste… Its TDCI of workman Cabinetmaker highly qualified in Restoration and Manufacture of pieces of furniture is signed the days even in the workshop, with… in premium a '' big wages and one 13th month ''… what to reassure '' Maman '' on the trades handbook!.

Still two years occur… Boris… more than one workman… a true right-hand man…

10/10/a 2010 new history which starts…

Manuel Domingues 45 years, and Boris Pierdet 23 years joins in Joint management (without forgetting a small wink of date… in homage to the creation date of the workshop Manu Déco)

Thus the workshop Manu Déco becomes day for day, 11 years later '' Manu Déco (limited liability company) '' We preserve the same Logo, the same address, phone number and a quality of work in constant improvement… for new adventures! with Boris Pierdet…

 '' with the hearts quite born the value does not await the number of the years! ''… (Quotation of the XVII ème century of Pierre Corneille)… and:
 '' Apprendre, to create, transmit… it is eternity! '' (quotation '' without value '' of the XXI ème century of Manu Déco).
Manu Déco (limited liability company)
'' A company with the family spirit, with foundations based on ethical engagements to satisfy and transmit its turn manual, intellectual and spiritual values ''…

Installed in Burgundy, in Nievre on the commune of Révérien Saint, in rural environment (at approximately two hours thirty of Paris).

The Workshop carries out the specific art of the Restoration of pieces of furniture and objets d'art with the aim of preserve your massive or inlaid movable inheritance, by observing the deontologic rules of the Restoration-Conservation for each entrusted work; as well in its structure as for its identity, without historical falsification nor aesthetic, and always while trying to add or replace the least possible of matters, with the absolute respect of the principle of reversibility. Thus, all that is fact can be demolishes without deteriorating work, because in our eyes all the pieces of furniture and objets d'art deserve to be restored with great professionalism for a transmission with the future generations and this without criterion of style, time or commercial value…

Example: Before restoration.
Example: After restoration.
Manu Déco and Boris Pierdet will answer your projects as regards needs for furniture to measure… in a traditional or contemporary spirit:

(Piece of furniture on measurement, Library, Table, Seat, Kitchen, Living room, Room, Reads in Baldachin, Dressing, Vitrine, Meuble with wine, Meuble of Marriage, Meuble of Trade, Meuble of Bathroom, specific Meuble, Meuble space saver, innovating Meuble)…

And other Challenges…
… to measures (or disproportionate! )…

Parts of art:

(for Designer, private individual…)

Transitory decorations:
(events, cinema, theatre…)

Unbounded of imagination…

Good visit
The Workshop Manu Déco reveals you via this site only one brief saw its achievements and possibilitées…
Do not hesitate to contact us for any other information…
We wish you a pleasant visit in our universe of impassioned…
So long,
All the team of the House Manu Déco.

Manu Déco, Sancenay 58420 Saint Révérien - France.En